New Year, New Baby #Fertility Programme

Are you determined to get pregnant this year? Did you start this year hoping that 2012 will be the year you finally overcome fertility issues and conceive your baby?

Well, I see fertility specialist Sarah Holland is doing a special free online seminar which might be worth listening to. She is going to share her top tips and techniques to help you get there. I have listened to a lot of her stuff in recent years (get the recordings here from the Purehealth website) and she makes a lot of sense.

She also offers a complete programme called Total Fertility Turnaround. Check her out and register for the free call or recording of it (if you can’t make the live call) here: New Year, New Baby. What have you got to lose except the stress of baby-making?

Good luck, and hope it helps. Send me any pictures of new babies please so I can ooh and aah!

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