Winter Compost Porridge

Micki’s Winter Compost Porridge

Make some porridge with rice flakes or oats. It’s nice and creamy made with soya milk or less unctuous and sweeter with rice milk. If I’m feeling really naughty and cold or I’ve got guests, I might even add a dash of soya cream to make it extra rich and special!

I often make a pot of stewed fruit compost (as we call it) or compote if you want to get it right, and add this on top as it’s lovely and warming. I sometimes buy the ready-frozen bramley apple and blackberry mix, or simply cut up whatever I have in – apples and pears mostly. Simmer them with a little water and add a teaspoon of all-spice or cinnamon, or even a luxurious dash of vanilla essence. When soft but with a tiny bit of bite, take it off the heat and pop on top of your porridge. Scatter on a few flaked almonds and linseeds, squirt a little agave syrup or honey over the top to sweeten if you need to and tuck in. That should keep you going for a while – filling, nutritious, warming and yummy. A hot water bottle for your tum!

TIP: If you haven’t had chance to make any compost, use a ready-made one either from the shops, or a dollop of Bonne Maman Cherry compote is delicious. Keep some in the fridge just in case and warm it through or have it cold.

This recipe is taken from my wheat and dairy free recipe book How To Eat Well.

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