Flora ProActive – Does it Work?

I laughed my socks off this afternoon reading a hatchet-job on this Flora Proactive product by Dr Briffa. I have to admit I hooted out loud at the back-pedalling going on by the PRs for the product. I used to be a PR myself so did have a modicum of sympathy for them; they are just doing their job.

Have a good read through what happened when Dr Briffa asked to speak to the woman in the case study used in adverts to show how Flora ProActive lowers cholesterol. Suffice to say, odds on it was made up as she has not surfaced yet!

This is another illustration of good marketing and not so helpful products. My other bugbear is probiotic drinks. Just don’t get me started. All I will say is dairy, sugar, wrong strains, nowhere near enough to do any lasting and real good etc etc. My opinion anyway.

Read Dr Briffa’s post on Flora ProActive here.

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