Zinc Shortens #Colds

Many people I see are deficient in zinc and magnesium, but all you ever seem to hear about in mainstream channels is the lack of calcium (which is actually quite unusual I find). Here is just one review of 13 studies which shows how taking a proper amount of zinc – 75mg – at the start of a cold is a good bet to shorten it. (I would advise a better form of zinc like citrate rather than the acetate mentioned here though, if poss.) Perhaps if we made sure our levels of zinc were good in the first place, we wouldn’t get so many. Any white spots on your finger nails???


Sucking zinc lozenges can cut the length of colds by 42%.  The evidence emerged from the combined results of 13 trials.  Taking more than 75mgs a day of zinc acetate as soon as symptoms began, shortened colds.  This is more than 7 x the present recommended daily allowance.   Research led by Dr. Harri Hemila of Helsinki Uni, Finland.  Published in ‘Open Respiratory Medicine’ journal.  Zinc deficiency is very common, with less than half the UK population eating even half the recommended daily allowance.

Here are some zinc lozenges and advice on zinc I posted a while ago.

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