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A recent study showing the link between candida colonisation in the gut, auto-immunity and inflammation reminded me of how important it is to seek candida out and get rid of it if you want to get get the leaky gut to heal and inflammation and auto-immunity of gluten sensitivity to reduce.

The study concluded that:

C. albicans gut colonization in mice aggravates inflammation in allergic and autoimmune diseases, not only in the gut but also in the extra-gut tissues and underscores the necessity of investigating the pathogenic role of C. albicans gut colonization in immune diseases in humans.

We know, of course, that candida has the potential to directly cause a leaky gut. It shoots out roots when in mycelial (pathogenic, disease-causing) form and attaches itself to the gut wall. This can then compromise and irritate the gut lining causing tiny perforations. Partially-digested proteins will then be able to get through to the blood stream, setting off inflammatory and auto-immune reactions further down the line, as we saw in the gluten sensitivity process diagram. 

The toxins the candida releases cause problems in their own right too. And that’s why candida has to be identified if suspected and eliminated if your leaky gut and inflammation is to reduce.

It is simple to check for candida IF you use the right candida test that looks for a ‘SAPS-positive’ candida type. This is when it has changed into mycelial form and is releasing a particular enzyme. This test is done by a lab in Germany and is the only candida test I recommend.

If SAPs candida is found, there is a protocol that will usually get rid of it within around 12 weeks – far easier than it used to be: it took me over two years! And, whatever you might read on the web, a candida diet will not do it as it is now known that you cannot starve a candida to death. You don’t want to feed it, of course, but the body glucose level will never get down low enough for it to starve.

So, if you suspect candida, get it checked out and dealt with so neither the gluten nor the yeast is making your gut leaky and allowing those pesky allergens through.


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    1. Hi Monique, it is not generally available; it is something I have developed over the years and use for patients. It is a two-stage programme – the first 4 weeks are to prepare the gut and liver and the next 4-8 are the ‘killing’ stage. There are so many variables with patients, though, that it has to be tweaked for different people, of course. Let me know if you wish to take this further – feel free to PM me at micki@purehealthclinic.co.uk and I will try my best to help.

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