Selenium & Hypothyroid

Reading a post about selenium deficiency and the thyroid from Dr Osborne at the Gluten Free Society – mainly aimed at gluten sensitives – I thought it contained some sage advice about how to best test for hypothyroid. I wrote about it on the trulyglutenfree site, but thought it may interest many of you too – I deal with this condition a lot!  It generally comes down to nutrient deficiency or something preventing it from working, like gluten.

A study has confirmed that the malabsorption of selenium contributes to many people developing thyroid problems. Selenium is always needed for the thyroid hormone production and conversion so will always be a factor somewhere if the thyroid is messing about.

Read the blog post at the GlutenFreeSociety for more on selenium and this study.

Here too are all the links to the tests he mentions for iodine loadingthe thyroid screen including antibody levels (I found these only yesterday in a patient), thyroid reverse T3 and gene testing. I am still pleading with Spectracell to give us the nutrient test capability in the UK so not there with that one yet.

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