Vitamin D – How Much Do You Need?

Do you remember a year ago (March 4th to be precise), I told you I had started a trial of Vitamin D to stop myself getting colds and infections? Well, I was prompted to think about it today by a piece in our beloved Foods Matter from John Scott who was writing about the latest Vitamin D recommendations and studies.

It’s quite complex but, in essence, to get the right blood levels of Vitamin D, he says scientists in the field, the US National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine and the Vitamin D Council recommend between 40-80 ng/ml (or 100-200 nmol/L) Vitamin D blood serum levels.

You can check your own current levels using the test here and view a sample report here.

Supplementation levels depend very much on your outdoor exposure and is set by body weight, age, sex and other parameters. Read the full post here for more on this subject.

And if you are interested: I have had one cold during my trial period (taking 2000-4000iu Vitamin D3 per day). The time I did get the cold, I had stopped taking it for a few weeks! So there you are. Not maintaining my levels without the supplement then – I shall be having the test so I can work out my exact supplemental need!

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