Worrying About Your Weight?

Well, stop! I learned a valuable lesson today. My Tanita bodyfat scales went on the blink during a patient session yesterday just as I needed them. Isn’t that always the way?

Anyway, after the patient had gone, I tried them three times and, whaddya know, they worked fine. Aargh.

Then, I had a thought. I don’t tend to weigh myself (especially since my weight can vary half a stone within an hour due to intolerance reactions – read the bloat post) but I remembered when I first got the scales in 2005 I did it every few months and kept a record. I fished the hidden bit of paper out from one of my old handbags (?) and compared the measurements, squinting rather in case I didn’t like what I saw.

Well, they were exactly the same as six years ago, give or take a 1% loss of muscle and corresponding gain of 1% body fat (too much sitting on my backside writing and not enough exercise)! I beamed.

Then I thought about all that worrying I did in those six years about my weight.

I am only human and try as you might, you still niggle about it on a daily basis even if you’re trying not to. I tell my patients I don’t ‘do’ weight loss plans: to just eat healthily and get some regular movement in life and the body will regulate to where it wants to be and stay there. I now see I am living proof that approach works, but what a waste of all that time worrying about it! I resolve not to any more. In fact, when I said to P about it, he just said ‘well, I could have told you that just by looking at you!’ But then I presume he didn’t want a punch in the eye either. I did feel a little foolish about all that time spent on needless anxiety and then, I admit, a teensy bit smug.

I would be the first to admit I could do with losing a bit – couldn’t we all? But, my body wants to be at this weight clearly and, though I say so myself, I am pretty good for a woman with severe PCOS. Most sufferers struggle with weight as part of the condition and many, by my age, have lost the fight and become obese and diabetic.

In fact, I gave the woman I was seeing yesterday a bit of a choice in life. She was a little overweight, sure, but far from seriously. I said she could either go on worrying about it and take some serious action instead of paying lip-service to it month after month, or she could let go of the worry and just accept her body will take charge as long as she does most things right most of the time.

Perhaps I should listen to my own advice more. A salutary tale anyway, in case it helps you.

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