Consultation Charge Up Slightly

After 8 years of not changing my consultation prices, I have finally decided to raise them by just £1 per year. This means the hourly chargeable consultation rate is going from £47 to just £55, still ridiculously cheap for a consultant with 25 years’ experience!

My local plumber charges more than that and I am sorting out much more important plumbing (had to get a bowel joke in there somewhere, I thank you!).

To remind you how the whole consultation process and charging works, this is what I have written recently on the website:

You can contact me with a specific query, question or need, or you can have a full consultation or review; I simply charge for the time taken on your case, whether that is 15 minutes or 3 hours.

My hourly charge rate is as low as I can get it and is the same for all patients – £55 per hour pro-rata- whether that is face to face, by phone or email. I let you know at the end of each session/email how much time we have taken and carry that on or ask for payment either by card, cheque (for now!) or, quite often nowadays, I send a Paypal invoice. 

For face to face and phone, we simply book a time as normal in the diary and then you turn up or call the office land-line number at your allotted time. For email, you can simply start the process any-time by sending me your first query email.

I don’t normally charge for quick reassurance or check messages, but I do charge for actual casework wherever it necessitates me looking at your notes and making some decisions. 

Thanks for your continued support – I hope it is a system that works for you; it seems to as my patient list is healthy and I still have lots of ‘older’ ones with me, which is fab. Quite brings a lump to my throat…

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