Supplements: Special Report 2

 Truly gluten free supplements report 2Ta-da!!! I have at last completed the second Supplements Special Report for you. If you haven’t seen the first one yet, take a look here. In the first one, I outlined the problem with finding truly gluten free supplements (pretty much every product contains at least corn or something derived from it, which ISN’T labelled) and detailed a list of TGF-safe products from Higher Nature after having researched over 45 suppliers. (Note: not all HN products are suitable, which is why I produced the TGF-safe list).

In this second one, I have included:

  • a report about carageenan and why you might want to avoid it
  • an update on some of the Higher Nature products which contain it
  • and, importantly, detailed lists of TGF-safe products from two more suppliers. It even includes a multivitamin and mineral product – at last!

You can download the Supplement Special Reports 1 and 2 here. I hope you find them useful; they take an awful lot of research and badgering! Meantime, I am girding my loins and all that to look at herbals, homeopathics and specific healing items like beta glucans, probiotics etc next. And the recipe book has been started – banana nut and raisin loaf rising (I hope) in the oven as I type. So much to do, so little time…

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  1. Corn is the worst! NEVER NEVER NEVER trust a label. I have spent countless hours emailing and calling companies. You need to know all your facts so you can ask what certain things are derived from! Its a never ending battle!

    1. Kate. So true! Even the most progressive health food manufacturer has no idea how much corn is in their products. Also, I spoke to an allergist who believes that 5 percent of the entire population is allergic to corn. She believes that the secret corn ingredient problem is only going to get worse.

      1. I think 5% is probably about right and it is going to come back and bite us on the bum soon!

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work and time. I have many intolerances/ allergies. Corn is a big one, as well as most grains, rice, beans, sugar. I had completely cleaned up my diet, as far as food goes, losing nearly 90#, but have battled alcoholism for a couple of years to no avail. I found some Australian vodka made from grapes and built up quite a nightly (and weekend) habit of overindulgence. I figured out why, it was my only source of sugar AND, psychologically, a reward for being a constant caregiver to my patients and family. I finally drew a line in the sand and have been alcohol free for 6 days now and feel like complete wreck physically (only minimal cravings- thank God). Joint pain, muscle pain way worse than before, hands aching and belly swollen. I figured it’s just detox from alcohol, but then I thought about it and, well, I’ve been taking loads of supplements for insomnia, muscle pain, joint pain & heart rushing, probiotics to heal my gut etc. This morning i decided to look carefully at all the labels and saw cellulose, dextrin, maltodextrin, citric acid as well as rice flour. Most all the things you list in your article I’ve been ingesting through the day and right before bed. I’m shaking my head here, with a tear in my eye, thinking about how much money I’ve spent on these supplements (not to mention the alcohol) trying to help my body heal and only making it worse. Again, thanks so much for your article. Wish me luck.

    1. I wish you oodles of luck, Michelle, and you have done fabulously well so far. Keep at it and I’m so glad the article helped; it’s always a bit of an eye-opener about the meds and supplements!

  3. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your hard work. I have been researching and emailing companies and had not come up with anything so far, and came across this site. I am celiac and allergic to dairy and corn – and it’s the corn that I find that hardest thing to identify and eliminate. Now I’ve found this information I might actually be able to get some supplements in me! Thank you.

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