Bread & Bon Bons!

I see our friends at FoodsMatter have joined in to help us with the truly gluten free lifestyle! See Editor Michelle’s post with recipes for the Almond & Amaranth Bread (sent in kindly by long-term allergy sufferer Jacquie Broadway (thank you) and another for Quinoa and Beetroot ‘Risotto’ from Michelle.

I see she has also linked to some cupcakes by MeOrganic made from black beans! They look fab and I would love to try some. However, I checked with them about the vanilla in the cupcakes and this essence is in a corn alcohol base. Bum. Good thought, though, using beans as a base for the cakes; I shall have to play with that at some point.

Whilst I was at MeOrganic I looked at all the ingredients. Save for the vanilla issue (which they said they will try and sort – I will let them know about the TGF-safe vanilla extract I found) – the ingredients look fab.

The one product currently suitable for TGFs is the Hazlenut BonBons, which are described as ‘hazelnuts and cashew nuts smothered in a yummy honey, hazelnut-caramel and finished with 73% dark vegan chocolate’. They are not cheap but what a treat. You could even try making some yourself. Free pick-up if you live near Richmond or delivery can be arranged.

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