Allergy/Hayfever Prescription

I was just reminded of an excellent mix of products from Nutri which are designed to lower allergy reactions such as hayfever.

Aller C contains quercetin, Vitamin C, bromelain and bioflavinoids, all well-known anti-allergy substances I have tended to recommend separately, but all now come in this one product. Personally, during hayfever season (and now all the time as I find I am less sensitive to allergens generally), I take a lot more quercetin than that so you could always add a little more of that separately. However, a combination of elements is often stronger. I particularly like the addition of bromelain here too because I have found in the past it is really useful for respiratory problems like rhinitis and sinus issues.

Certainly, I have recommended it several times successfully in the past to help people lower cholesterol and boost their immune systems. The only thing I don’t like about this particular product is it contains carageenan so choose a different sterol product if you need to avoid that (colitis sufferers); there are a few about.

The other product Nutri recommend goes with this one is Sterol 117. Here is what Nutri says about this one:

Sterol 117 is one of the most versatile supplements on the market, with seemingly limitless applications, but it is proving particularly helpful for the following:

Overactive immune systems

Seasonal immune issues

Environmental sensitivities

Skin health

Cholesterol balance

Prostate support

In all, though, I think this allergy combination makes a lot of sense from a nutritional point of view. If you are a hayfever sufferer, especially, check it out and start to build up your resistance before the pollen starts to hit.

On that note, don’t forget my usual recommendation for Heels Luffa tablets and spray either. The earlier you start with those, the better the result usually.

You can get everything from Natural Dispensary as usual on 01453 757792.

May your Summer months be less sneezy!

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