Natural Dispensary Ordering

Just a quickie to remind you that you will not find every product or prescription item on the Natural Dispensary website. If you can’t see what you need, all you need to do is add a note at the end of your order or send them an email once your order has gone through asking them to send you whatever it is you were looking for. They will then arrange that and contact you if more payment is required. Simples. The next time you look, it should be there.

I am just sending this message as I have had this crop up twice in the last couple of days. There are literally thousands of products we nutritionists recommend and the product range changes rapidly. ND is actually launching a new whiz-bangy site shortly I’m told too so watch out for that.

If in any doubt, just contact me and I will sort. It is rare that ND doesn’t do a product, but in those instances, I will advise where else to get it.

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