Alcohol: 1-2 Glasses OK

New research out suggests that drinking 1 glass/15g of alcohol for women and 2 glasses/30g for men per day may protect against heart disease and dementia, but more than that is detrimental.

‘Little and often’ is being recommended by experts after the studies were published by  The British Medical Journal and The Journal of  Age and Anti-Ageing.

In the UK, one unit of alcohol measures 8g. Men are advised to drink no more than 3-4 units a day (equivalent of a pint  and a half of lager) and women should stay within 2-3 units a day (a 175ml glass of wine).

New information seems also to suggest that the type of alcohol doesn’t matter, whereas before we have always been told that it is the antioxidants in wine that does the good. With my cynical hat on, I can’t help wondering if a beer or spirit company paid for the research!
Read the reports below for more info.


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