Gluten: No Grain, No Pain

Just to let you know I have just had an article published by the lovely allergy specialist people at on the whole subject of grains and gluten. Read Gluten: No Grain, No Pain here and, if you need more, check out the ever-growing resources page on the clinic site where there is now a copy of this article, a free introductory video, a list of illnesses linked specifically to gluten and links to sites and other stuff that will help you.

I’m pleased to say that the Truly Gluten Free ebook has been well-received so far. One nice comment said it all:

“OMG – I’ve only got through the first few pages and it makes so much sense!  The challenge for this whole area though is that it’s not straightforward to explain – for the medical and naturopathic professions, individuals and the media.   You really have put in a huge amount of work to start this process though – thank you & well done.”

Crow, crow, crow, crowy, crow, pat on the back for me, crow….

And here is one about the free video:

“Thanks – have listened to the video – absolutely fascinating and quite shocking !!! I cannot believe the list of symptoms it causes – re mine, aneamia (sic), hair loss, skin conditions, bloating, etc etc !!  I have ordered your truly gluten free e book and I have also this morning ordered the genetic gluten test.”

Crowy, crowy, crow, crow….

And finally, one from a coeliac person who has been following a grain free diet as she was suspicious:

“I am a coeliac whose villi are not healing very well, so I decided a few months ago to go completely grain free and have already put on about 5 pounds, having struggled to put on any weight since diagnosis 4 years ago.”

Ok, so I can’t really crow about that one as I didn’t do it. But, then again, I can crow about the fact that my work on this subject is hopefully set to help many others like this person. Yay!

Crowy, crow, crow.

Well, it DID take me months and months of work to get this far. so I am allowed a bit of birdyness. 

I’ll stop now, I thank you. I think it’s the relief has made me more bonkers than usual. Apologies.

4 Replies to “Gluten: No Grain, No Pain”

  1. All crows are absolutely justified!

    This is really revolutionary stuff as far as mainstream coeliac thinking goes and there is a huge weight of both prejudice and vested interest which will do its best to block this line of enquiry – as you have already discovered!
    So bravo for having pursued your hunches and produced such a very cogent and well researched rationale for them!

    1. Thanks Michelle, I was a little nervous but actually I have already had messages from coeliacs especially saying they have followed their hunches too and gone all gluten-grain free and have started putting on weight and feeling much better. So, that makes my heart full of joy and if we can get this message out and help more people get well, then all the sweat and pulling of hair out was well worth it in my book. If it works for people, no matter what mechanisms are at play as we have so much more to learn about this whole subject, then tough to people who are yet to be convinced. The world was flat once too. Most people are saying it makes so much sense to them once they have read the article so thank you for publishing it!

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