Condensation and Mould? Try This Dehumidifier

Cold Winter weather encourages condensation and mould in the home and can make it too humid for anyone with allergies, eczema, asthma, arthritis or rheumatism. You need to keep humidity below 50%, the level at which house dustmites cannot survive and to ensure the safe eradication of moulds, spores and mildew.

But keeping the humidity level below this level is easier said than done. The Banamite Dehumidifier (and Air Purifier combined) has a ‘Set-& Forget’ control so you don’t have to be continually fiddling with the settings. Another big plus is that the Banamite is made in England for the British climate and as a Medivac product is available to buy free of VAT. It has an automatic switch-off when it is full (18 litres) and is ‘library-quiet’! Check it out.

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