How To Avoid Diabetes

So, the news is that diabetes cases, mainly Type 2 and therefore mostly avoidable ones, have risen sharply again, with 150,000 new cases in the UK last year. 1 in 20 people are receiving some form of diabetes treatment. That is an epidemic! And, in my view, it’s all because we followed the low-fat lobbyists and ignored the sugar ones!

It breaks my heart really to see so much Type 2 (ie. diet-related) diabetes developing, even in small children, which you never used to see. I believe this is simply down to two things. First, we eat too much sugar, sweetener and refined carbohydrate. Second, we have too little mineral reserve in our bodies, especially of sugar and insulin-controlling ones like zinc and chromium.

Knowing that, however, makes it pretty simple to avoid diabetes:

1. Cut the sugar and eat a lower carb, insulin-controlling diet.  Use my Belly Fat ebook which gives you a simpe explanation of how to control insulin and eat a low GL diet. (One of the signs of insulin resistance, the precursor to full-blown diabetes, is gaining weight around your middle, hence belly fat book! ) or base your diet around the best low GL foods and avoid the worst ones and you won’t go far wrong. Use the Best & Worst GL Foods for this. (This factsheet is contained in the full belly fat book so you don’t need both, by the way.) Both remove wheat and dairy as I usually find this helps too, but if you eat it, simply add some in. Dairy is high protein and therefore low GL but wheat is a carb so keep it limited. 

2. Ensure the right minerals. Take a good quality multi with 200mcg chromium and at least 15mg zinc in it – in the right forms. (For more on this, see the page on the site on supplements. ) There are many specialised supplements for controlling blood sugar, so ask me if you would like something specific.

Obviously, it can be more complex than that, but just following those two simple steps is enough to avoid the vast majority of people developing diabetes. Even if you don’t think you are at risk, follow the principles anyway to some extent. And get some exercise, too. We know that regular exercise is a key part of controlling blood sugar and insulin. See this page here for more help on this.

What if you don’t know you are risk? There are a couple of tests that can help. Obviously, you can see your GP, or look at the GL Check you can do at home, or the Metabolic Syndrome Test which measures insulin, glucose and fats.

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