Mobile Phones Can Cause Tinnitus

 Researchers have recently discovered that mobile phones may be a cause of tinnitus, according to a recent report in WDDTY E news, which says: “Researchers suggest using a mobile phone for just 10 minutes increases the risk by 71 per cent, although the risk doubles for those who have used a mobile phone for more than four years. The overall risk for any use is 37 per cent compared with someone who does not use a mobile phone.

Most tinnitus sufferers said their problem was on their left side, where they held their mobile phone, and 29 per cent said they also suffered from vertigo.

The researchers concluded: “Mobile phone use should be included in future investigations as a potential risk factor for developing tinnitus.” So, bear that in mind if you can trace your tinnitus back to when you started to use a mobile.

(Source: Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2010; doi: 10.1136/oem.2009.048116).

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