Fruity Fishy Curry

I am aware that I haven’t posted many recipes recently. Forgive me. Here’s one I prepared earlier, literally, as we had it for tea! I made loads of it and put 2 meals in the freezer for days when you need something quick. Most days then if yours is anything like my life…

Chop some onions and fry in a little water and olive oil with the lid on for a bit. Whilst they are softening, throw in a good shake/dollop of the following to taste: lazy or fresh chilli, lazy or fresh ginger, garam masala powder, a few cardomom pods (about 4 is plenty), cumin seeds, coriander seeds, turmeric and coriander powder. Don’t worry if you haven’t got all those as the garam masala or any combination of spices will do. I tend to keep a load of spices in glass jars handy so I can make stuff up as I go along. If you must, use a good shop-bought sauce like Meridian’s Korma (WF, DF) but your own will be so much tastier. You could add fresh stuff to the sauce too if that’s easier for you.

Stir the spices in with the onions and cook them off for a few minutes, adding some water if you need more fluid to stop it sticking.

Next, add some veggies. Whatever you have to hand will do. I added some halved french beans, a courgette and a few mushrooms. Stir those in and add a tin of coconut milk, a carton of creamed tomatoes, a banana in chunks, a handful of sultanas and a couple of fresh tomatoes (less if you’re only making a little curry). If you want it even fruitier, you could add some mango puree which you can get in tins nowadays. Mix it all round and pop the lid on to cook for a few minutes.

Taste the sauce to check whether it needs anything extra. You could add a little sweetness with some agave syrup or a scant teaspoon of sugar, or some salt or a squeeze of lime or lemon to sharpen it. Is it hot enough? If not, add a little more chilli. Take the lid off to let it thicken a bit bubbling on the hob.

Cut some white fish into large chunks. Philip bought some frozen haddock things which have been in the freezer for a while so I defrosted 4 of those. Add them in gently and cook for 5 minutes. Then add some prawns or whatever other fish you fancy – they will warm through in the time it takes you to get your rice into a dish.

For the rice, use your rice cooker or steam your rice with a teaspoon on turmeric for flavour and a lovely golden colour, and a couple of cardomom pods or cloves.

Spoon the rice into your dish, ladle some curry on the top, being careful not to break up the fish if you can help it, and then top the lot with a spoonful of live plain soya yogurt with coriander leaves scissored into it.

Devour. And give the cat the prawny juice….

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