Weight Loss Tactic: Take a Multi-Vitamin/Mineral (But Which One?)

A study just released from Harbin Medical University in China has reported that 96 overweight women who took a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement for six months lost weight, reduced fat mass and lowered their cholesterol levels.

This was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, intervention study, which is the quality ‘gold standard’ for medical studies.

Funnily enough, I was just having an email conversation with someone about the best supplements for weight loss as this came through. I generally recommend NHP’s Lose Your Belly Fat multi and amino acids combination. Or, even easier, Metagenics Ultra Meal powder is a good all-rounder to help people change their body fat to muscle ratio. It is also good for balancing hormones and provides a decent  amount of calcium to help protect bones.

Ultra Meal Plus also contains plant sterols to help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Ultra Meal Plus 360 does all the above but also gives support for insulin levels – in other words, for those people with probable metabolic syndrome (high body fats, insulin resistance and belly fat).

To read more about this subject, here is a link to a quick leaflet: http://www.nutri-online1.co.uk/Portals/1/Metabolic%20Syndrome%20No.20.pdf

The Ultra Meals come with a full weight loss programme and a quick start leaflet with low GL diet guidelines. They are soya based and the vanilla flavours are dairy-free. They’re not cheap, but as the study shows, they can be the key to lasting weight loss. Anyone can lose weight – it’s keeping it off and changing the internal composition that counts!

Ask me if you need further help, copies of the quick start or full programmes, or get them from Natural Dispensary as usual.  Good luck. (If ordering from Nutri direct, please give my code 202458 if you’ve found this info useful and I get a small referral fee for my troubles, thank you!)

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