Rizopia Pasta

A quickie here for you. In the interests of freefrom food research, I asked for and got a sample of Rizopia pasta. They kindly sent me a bag of their fusilli which is made simply from brown rice and water. All I can say is I hope I cooked it wrongly or something, but it’s the worst pasta I’ve tasted so far. Yuk, Yuk and double Yuk! Was slimy and tasteless. Despite the fact that I put it with sundried tomatoes, olives and home made pesto, it was not a nice meal. Avoid is my advice.

Pastas I DO like are the Orgran Rice and Veg version and the corn spaghetti. Other corn shapes don’t work as well in my opinion but the spaghetti has such a good texture, P and the boys can’t tell the difference so it saves me having to make two types!

Let us have any of your favourites..

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