Pregnancy Vitamins Vital For Mum And Baby


Britain has the highest number in Western Europe of low birthweight babies. As you know, for years I have been wittering on about the importance of maintaining nutrient levels when pregnant for both Mum’s and Baby’s sake. The situation I am presented with unless someone has gone through a good pre-conception plan is normally that Mum is already low in a lot of the important nutrients she and baby need. It is the baby’s job to pinch a lot of the available body nutrition to grow and develop properly. It’s not rocket-science to believe that if there’s not much about, Mum and baby are more likely to suffer. An imbalance of zinc and copper is linked to early labour and miscarriage, a lack of zinc is linked to post natal depression and there are many other examples.

In a Guardian story yesterday, they reported a studypublished in the British Journal of Nutrition that said pregnant women who take supplements containing folic acid and other vitamins and minerals can boost their own and babies’ health.  (Tell us something we don’t know.) In a double-blind study, the supplements given contained 11 vitamins and 5 minerals and others were given dummy starch pills. But they were actually specific and went on to report that the vitamins help Mum avoid anaemia and prevent low birthweight babies, which is often linked with serious diseases, birth defects and brain disorders.  ‘There’s a double benefit to these supplements’ says Prof. Michael Crawford of the Institute of Brain Chemistry & Human Nutrition at London Metropolitan University and co-author of the study.’

(A note there on anaemia – invariably Mums are given cheap iron sulphate supplements to replace the iron. Iron sulphate is very non-absorbable and constipating, so I invariably replace the sulphate with a different form of iron which solves the constipation problem and is more absorbable so you have to take less.)

 Guardian 23.4.10

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