Mastic Gum As Effective As Antibiotics for H Pylori Infection

One of the German labs we use for stool tests has recently tested the effect of BioNutri’s Mastic Gum Plus product on helicobacter pylori infection. This is notoriously difficult to do due to the fact that the bacteria can only tolerate a small amount if oxygen. However they found that treatment with Mastic Gum was able to prevent growth of H Pylori. (Ask me for a copy of the results if you would like one.)

H pylori is one of the primary causes of excess acid, acid reflux, stomach pains and ulcers. Most bacteria in the stomach are killed off by the stomach acid, but H pylori loves it. It settles into the mucous membranes there and can cause long term inflammation. Yummy.

The most common orthodox approach is to use a proton pump inhibitor and two different antibiotics (so-called ‘triple therapy’), which doesn’t do much for the long term health of the body. If we can find a natural alternative, that would be fab.

Mastic Gum is a plant that has been chewed in the Med for donkeys years to help digestion. BioNutri have combined it with licorice, fennel and aniseed, all other well-known digestive plants and made it into a capsule form so that you don’t have to chew it.

If you have an excess acid issue, make sure you get tested for H pylori. The best methods are endoscopy, breath and stool tests. Blood tests look for antibodies which may have been there from a past infection so is not good at showing if there is an acute, present infection. Go to the shop at and search for ‘pylori’ to read more and order a test if you need to (currently £52). Mastic Gum Plus can be bought via as usual.

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