On Off On Off

Thanks for all of your lovely comments about the new eshop at www.purehealthshop.co.uk. And thanks for bearing with me as the Paypal button was on, then off, then on, then off. Isn’t it called ‘Sod’s Law’ when you launch a shop and 24 hours later, Paypal decide to do essential maintenance work and it all goes haywire?

Anyway, all should be working fine now so thanks for being patient with me as I tore my hair out and threatened to throw the laptop out of the window, all whilst smiling for you (albeit through extremely gritted teeth!) The teeth have now ungritted, you’ll be pleased to know, I am smiling again and am about to load on some test services.

Meantime, I hope those of you who bought the new exercise ebook are already feeling flabby bits tightening! Keep at it..

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    1. Very amusing. Obviously, I wanted to flesh it out a bit! Welcome to my sister everyone. Her of the amusing comments. Check out her blog, especially if you are a teacher. It’s very funny.

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