More Trumpeting, Please

(don’t be crude, I know what you were thinking then..)

….. TWO NEW FACTSHEETS AS PROMISED! No wonder I am squarey-eyed. As I said in my January post, I have put together the new Ten Minute Mind & Body Exercise factsheet, which can now be instantly downloaded to your inbox. 

Here’s the blurb from the shop: “With 30 pages of inspiration at your disposal, just 10 minutes extra exercise a day adds up to more than 60 extra hours a year. Choose from Muscle-Toning, Cardio, Yoga or Meditation. Mix and match your way to better physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.” 

I had great fun writing it. The muscle-toning/weights exercises are the ones I have been doing for years, but it was a challenge writing them so you can follow each one with me. Philip and I got into many different poses (ooer missus) for the yoga and were comatose for about a day trying out all the meditation techniques. We are now fully recovered, thank you.  I hope you enjoy it – just £5 I think is a bargain!

Philip is also heartily sick of soup as I have also written the Super Soups factsheet. I promised I would in my regular local magazine columns. Soup is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get more nutrients into your diet, but many of us buy the rubbish soups from supermarkets that cost a lot, are processed no matter how fresh they look, and invariably have some nasties in like extra salt or sugar for flavour, let alone additives. So, I resolved to show you how to make your own. Here’s the blurb again:

“Inspiration to get you into the soup-making habit! How to make stocks, customise ready-made soups, posh it up, boost nutrient levels and much more, let alone over twenty favourite healthy soup recipes such as Fridge Soup and I Haven’t Got Time To Cook Soup”.

As usual, I am not the Delia-type cook giving you specific ingredients carefully-measured out, but more of the Jamie Oliver throw-it-all-in-one-pot-and-see-how-it-turns-out type cook. (Interestingly, someone asked me once if I would like to be on TV as  ‘The Naked Nutritionist’. I thought NOT. The mere idea makes me queasy…)

Anyway, what I mean is,  I have given loads of ideas and tips how to sex up soup, make it if you haven’t got time, make and freeze stocks so all you really have to do is add your ingredients and blend. Plus 20 favourite soups recipes; none of them difficult, all of them delicious and healthy. Again, a mere fiver. I am too good to you.

I shall be having a lie down now after all that hard work. Seriously, I hope you like the new shop and find the publications useful. Let me know.

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