Books and Factsheets Now On Eshop!

Yes, I shall have a fanfare of trumpets, please…

Thank you. I am truly ‘laptop-eyed’ as over the past two weeks I have been busy developing a brand new webshop where you can download or order any of my books and factsheets that take your fancy. There is a link on each page of the normal purehealthclinic site or you can simply go to Have a good peek for me and let me know if you spot any glitches or gremlins,  or even if you like it – i could do with some back-patting after all that work! !

So, what’s on there? How To Eat Well – the healthy recipe, hints and tips book which gives you all the stuff I spout in consultations in one easy book. It’s like having me on tap. (Perhaps better not to have said that as is more likley top put you off..!)  Detox & Wellbeing Diet Factsheets, the Belly Fat Plan for those of you needing a low GL diet to shift that wobble around your middle, Help I’ve Got PCOS, the first of my medical condition type books – Allergy is to follow as fast as I can write it and lots of other stuff including……

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