New AMB SkinCare for Sensitive or Combination Skin

The Annemarie Borlind LL Regeneration Anti-Ageing skincare range is by far our best skincare seller so recently I decided to try their other skincare ranges for sensitive and combination skins. I have had great fun trying them all and thought they were just as good as Regeneration so I now have them in stock.


First, the ZZ Sensitive range for sensitive skin. This comes in a cleansing milk, toner and day cream with no colourants, preservatives or fragrance. It has a special triple complex to help calm skin and help build a barrier against environmental allergens.


Next, the Combination Skin range which contains ingredients to nourish skin, but balance sebum production at the same time. It comes in a cleansing wash-off gel, balancing toner and day cream. All are designed to lessen pore size and give a matte finish to skin but without stripping or drying it.


For those of you who don’t want a range of products, how about Pura Soft CoQ10 Anti-Wrinkle 24 Hour Moisturiser? This is lovely and light, but I found it moisturized much more intensively than I expected. I used the new Exfoliating Peel Face Scrub to give my face a really fresh look, and then used this cream on top and it felt lovely and velvety soft. Talking about Velvety, don’t forget the Velvet Touch Tinted Moisturisers if you want a light moisturiser with a hint of colour.


All of these are now on the e-shop and samples of each product are available so just ask if you want to try some. I also spent a whole weekend (!) putting the new makeup range on. It looks truly lovely. I have a huge stand now with all of them on and play with it every day (because I am sad…).  


You’ll note that the LL Regeneration and AMB Body Lind ranges are on offer on the site – if you want to buy a Sensitive or Combination Christmas package for someone – or yourself! – let me know with your order and I’m sure I can work out a discount for you on those too – I just haven’t had a chance to crunch the numbers yet!

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