Why An Apple Will Fill You Up More

 The water content of food is important for maintaining your weight and weight loss. This is the key to feeling full. Water in the food itself is more effective at controlling appetite and losing weight than low-moisture food accompanied by a glass of water and this concept has now been verified by a study of 1,136 women conducted by the University of Tokyo. The research showed that the women consuming the most water in their foods were the leanest. The women consuming foods with the least water in were the most overweight. They also found that drinking water from drinks with meals had no impact on body mass index or waist circumference. Only the water within the foods was effective.

What does this mean practically? In effect, you can control weight better with a handful of 20 grapes rather than 20 raisins with a glass of water. That’s why water-laden food such as brown rice, lentils, soups, salads, veg and fruit are great. So, next time you go for a handful of dried apricots, a biscuit or even some nuts, think – and have veg or fruit instead or with it to feel fuller for longer.

Murakami K et al
Intake from water from foods but not beverages, is related to lower body mass index and waist circumference in humans, Nutrition. 2008 Oct;24(10):925-32

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