Larger NHR Cream Sizes

I have stocked the gorgeous and extremely pure NHR moisture lotions, shampoos, soaps and conditioners ever since I started simply because they are great. They contain very few ingredients and are just lovely to use. The ever-popular moisture creams (Lavender, Tea-tree and Rose) now come in a 250ml size rather than 100ml and is MUCH better value so I have swopped to this size instead. If you like the pretty silver pump bottle of the 100ml size, keep your existing one and fill it up from the new larger size which comes in a squeezy non-PET plastic cream bottle. The 100ml size was £9.65 (and I still have some of these left), but the new size is £16.95 or £17.95 (for Rose) and you get 2 and a half times as much which would normally add up to £24 odd! Hoorah. Bargain!

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