Flouride Gets a Bashing in the States

Despite the fact that in the UK there is a huge government push for fluoridation of our water, in the US 1300 professionals have signed a statement against it. US Flouride Action Network (FAN) have summarised their top 10 research studies that question the use of fluoride. Read it at tinyurl.com/4o9rgg or go to FAN’s website at flouridealert.com.


…and fluoride linked to mouth ulcers


Just as I was typing the note above, I read a letter from a lady in New Zealand who says that mouth ulcers increased in some people after fluoride was added to their water, and that the same happened in Holland. So, if you have recurrent mouth ulcers, try swopping to Weleda or Aloe Dent toothpaste and filter your water.


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