Dairy-Free Ice-Cream Tasting

Just ready for Summer, Foods Matter have done one of their tastings. This time dairy free ice cream, which must have been a tough job! On top by far was Swedish Glace – all flavours got 9/10 – and these are easily available in the supermarkets and health shops. My favourites Booja Booja got a disappointing between 6 and 8.5 depending on the flavour. Chocolate got the highest, and Vanilla the lowest (I would have had that the other way round actually) and my fave Maple and Pecan got 7.5. This is not bad considering the fact that these BB ones are very good for you, high protein, low GL and made only using cashew nuts, water, agave syrup and the appropriate stuff for the flavours. No additives, no chemicals, no high GL sugar. The Swedish Glace ones are really tasty, but I think the Booja Booja ones win hands down both for flavour and health. That said, I have been known to partake of a Swedish Glace Choc Ice or two (these are the dairy-free magnums and are yummy!) And what if you fancy a cone with your ice-cream – well, Barkat waffle cones are described as deliciously crisp, quite caramelly, if a little sweet for some – and are gluten and dairy free. You can get them from glutenfree-foods.co.uk. Enjoy!

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