Don’t Delay GP Check For These Symptoms NHS Plea

A new campaign, launched recently, is designed to get people to report any concerning cancer-potential symptoms early rather than delay a visit to their GP.

The symptoms you should get checked earlier rather than later – which in the vast majority of cases will likely turn out to be benign, by the way – are as follows:

The NHS is encouraging people to contact their GP if they have stomach discomfort or diarrhoea for 3 weeks or more; blood in their urine; unexplained bleeding; unexplained pain that lasts for three weeks or longer; lumps; or a cough that lasts 3 weeks or more that is not COVID-19.

Other signs and symptoms that need GP attention include unexplained weight loss, feeling tired and unwell but not sure why, heartburn or indigestion, or unusual, pale or greasy stools.


I know it can be frightening sometimes – I am guilty of health anxiety myself! – but it really does pay to catch these things as early as poss. Please take note and share with your loved ones.

For more information generally, please see my Cancer Factsheet.

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