Christmas Treat On The Way!

As many of you know, I started an experiment with a lifestyle/positivity/eco-friendly sort of blog last year called silverwhitewinters. I LOVED writing it; it gave me – and you – something else other than health to focus on, much more fun and less chronic illness, you know. However, I didn’t really have a lot of time to put into it so I’ve binned it – sorry for those of you who told me you were really enjoying it!

Instead, I have transferred all the blog posts from it to a Lifestyle section on this Purehealth blog and will continue to write there as the whim takes me. I think it’ll be nice to have a bit of lightness and fun within my Purehealth mutterings. In fact, when I first started Purehealth back in 1997 (eek!), it had a much stronger lifestyle, food, toiletries and environmental slant as well as health, so I’m just coming back full circle a bit.

I quite enjoy talking about eco Christmas cards (blog post out soon, just written it), non-toxic toiletries, eco-fashion and interiors, hobbies and positive stuff for our mental health as well as gluten illness, erectile dysfunction, autoimmunity and the like!

So, that’s what the new Lifestyle section on this blog is all about, do have a peek if you fancy a more rounded, truly holistic discussion.

As a Christmas treat, I will be sending the (rather fabulous, though I say so myself) email series I did for silverwhitewinters members to all of my Purehealth subscribers. It’ll start coming through shortly. I hope you enjoy it. It was such fun writing it!

Something a little bit different for you. If you’re not a subscriber, you can sign up and get it here.

Here’s for a happier and more positive 2022, we could do with it!

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