Spring: Time To Sow Wildflowers

And you couldn’t choose better seeds than these from Kew. Although, I confess I might have trouble actually using them as the packet designs are so gorgeous. £3.99 a pack. Not bad for such cheerfulness. Choose from 24 different flowers here.

From Kew: “The pollination seed collection brings together a range of plants and flowers that are not only beautiful, but will also help attract a wide variety of pollinators to your garden and help enhance the ecosystem. 

Pollination occurs when pollen is transferred from flower to flower by animals such as bird, bees, bats, butterflies, beetles and moths. By encouraging these animals to your garden, with pollinator friendly seeds, you can help more natural growth occur within local landscapes. 

Across the world there is evidence that pollinating animals have suffered via loss of habitats, disease and chemical misuse, creating a shortage of these vital creatures. 

One of the things that home gardeners can do to help is to cultivate native plants that provide nectar and food for pollinators, such as those you will find in the pollination collection.”

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