Check Your Facebook Notification Settings, Again!

I’ve been advised that FB have yet again changed notification settings to highlights on some people’s pages and groups, which means you only get the posts in your feed that FB decrees you should, not all of them.

All Posts

Essentially, you can have every post from a page or group come into your feed so you don’t miss anything, but you have to make sure All Posts is clicked, otherwise you get Highlights only. FB changes it arbitrarily, it seems, so check regularly, especially if you think things have gone a bit quiet!

To do it, just click on the … dots top right of your FB (not the … on the top of a post). Go to Manage Notifications and click All Posts. Simple.


You can also choose a FB page or group as a Favourite. Go to the little down arrow top right of your Facebook, click on Settings & Privacy, then News Feed Preferences and then Favourites. Once there, simply star the people or pages you want to have higher up your news feed. I don’t think this works for Groups yet.

That should work for most people.

On mobiles, it may be slightly different. On Android, go to your FB, click the three lines top right, cursor down and click Settings & Privacy, then Settings, then scroll right down to Notifications, Notification Settings, down to Pages you follow and click for email or push notifications. I don’t know on Apple as I’m an Android gal.

Honestly! I object to FB controlling what I see; I don’t know about you! That’s how to ensure you see what I – and anyone else you like – posts. Check frequently as it does seem to change, I assume whenever there’s an update or something.

Hope that helps!

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