Review: Vitamix Explorian E310 Blender

I’ve honestly never had a smoothie before.

Not pre-made from a supermarket or fresh from a café. Nada. A total smoothie-virgin.

But, I knew I had to at least try to be a bit healthier this year. So, I compared lots of well-known blenders, sat through interminable hours of YouTube demos and read a zillion reviews, as all good researchers do.

My choice? The Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender.

Why? Slightly smaller than some models at 1.4 litres so great for one or two portions, self-cleaning, BPA-free plastic, strong enough to crush ice and grind nuts as well as blend delicate soft fruits, worktop-sturdy, and heats soup. Everything I need it to do, bar serve me a glass of wine.

First impressions and set-up

This blender is definitely built to last and, though on the pricier side, it will probably work out better value than replacing multiple cheaper units over the years, so I think the price is worth it.

The E310 has a pulse option, variable 1-10 speed and on/off switch. It oozes quality and has a warranty of five years. Other models have pre-set functions and timers, but I’m quite happy to pulse or use the variable speeds to get the consistency I want.

Bar putting the jug on top of the base unit and plugging it in, there’s no real assembly. Before use, you add half a jug of warm water and a dash of washing up liquid, then blend on top-speed to clean it thoroughly. Takes about 20 seconds.

The lid was a bit fiddly to put on correctly at first. You need to align the slightly indented bit near the handle of the jug, then push down firmly. I assume the lid needs to be very firmly in place so it doesn’t fly off when blending! Removing it is easier: just twist and push the lid off. Very easy and no strength needed.

There is a small twist-off plug in the lid so you can add food or ice mid-blend, or to use the tamper provided if you need to encourage the mixture down a bit.

I can’t deny it’s rather loud on speed 10! I dreaded the following morning’s smoothie-making in case I woke the neighbours. I don’t think I did, as there was no banging on the wall. Although my dogs do look a little alarmed when I use it. I don’t think I am setting all the neighbourhood dogs off…

My first-ever smoothie

I followed Vitamix’s ‘first time user’ recipe: added liquid first (I chose 240ml water), weighed 150g frozen summer fruits, an apple (washed, halved but didn’t bother to de-seed or peel it), then some frozen broccoli florets for extra green goodness. Zero sweetener. Good girl me. And, honestly, it tasted blooming lovely; it didn’t need any extra.

I used mostly frozen food as it’s cheaper and more convenient. I didn’t need to add any extra ice cubes and the resulting texture was thick, smooth – pipless – and perfect for my breakfast. Any longer than 50-60 seconds may have turned it to sorbet! Mmm, sorbet for breakfast.

Watching the vortex blend was quite mesmerising and cleaning the jug was a doddle, thankfully.

My smoothie future

My next supermarket shop included a range of frozen fruit and veg, along with a few pantry staples to experiment with making smoothies, soups, desserts, cakes, batters, dough, dips, spreads and sauces. I’ll be freezing fresh banana halves and will cut up and freeze a pineapple, so I’ll have lots of ready-to-use goodies to hand.

The 1.4L jug is the ideal size for making one or two portions. I eat one straightaway and save the other in the fridge or freezer for later.

The blender comes with a book, but it only has a handful of recipes – although in many languages, handily, if you want to practice your linguistic skills. I am now coveting this recipe book, of course, to go with my ever-expanding collection.

I love my gadgets and I’m already pretty certain this will become one of my favourites. A permanent and well-used appliance on my kitchen counter, rather than shoved in the ubiquitous cupboard. Praise indeed.

The Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender. Enjoy.

review by Christine
review by Christine

My sister. We call her gadget-woman. Nuff said.

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