Important Info: Facebook Groups To Be Archived

Time to shake things up a bit, I think, social media-wise! The Purehealth and TrulyGlutenFree Facebook groups have been such fun over the years and you feel like family to me, but I realised lately they are not being used so much now. I think possibly I am spread between too many social media accounts; it certainly feels like that sometimes.

stressed woman looking at a laptop
I am not this young, but she does look a bit like the younger me 😉

Business-wise, someone told me recently to concentrate my efforts and engage with people on just a few social media platforms rather than try and keep up with so many. I might get to chat with you more if you’re all in just a few places! I remember I used to just have the blog and you all commented on there. Those were the simple days 😉

So, I have decided to take that advice and cut myself some slack! The Facebook Groups will be archived rather than deleted so all current members can still access all the fabulous comments and support on there from over the years, as well as all the useful stuff in Files we’ve captured for you in that time. I’ll ask Christine to gather some of the most useful info together and make sure it is available for you – and, of course, the crucial TrulyGlutenFree Supplement Master list is always there and free on the shop for you. You won’t be able to comment or post on there now, though.

So where can you chatter about all things natural medicine…?

You can comment on:

This blog under any post

On the Purehealth Facebook page

On Twitter @PureHClinic

I will also keep the Pinterest boards more up to date for you as I know many of you love those and I have neglected them of late, sorry.

If you have a specific question about your test results, condition, where to start investigating or need help with sourcing TrulyGlutenFree stuff, use the Ask Micki service or, for test results analysis, book a Test Report.

Ok, I hope that all makes sense and is OK with you. If you’d rather I was on a different platform, do say. I’ve deliberately avoided starting Instagram so far, but if a lot of you are on there, I may add it – let me know. In the meantime, I look forward to a good natter x

3 Replies to “Important Info: Facebook Groups To Be Archived”

  1. Hi Micki, I always used to get notifications through my email that someone had posted on TGF. I suddenly noticed when having to look for a notification that may have gone into spam that all Facebook posts had gone into Spam. This has happened recently and is obviously to do with some protocol of Yahoo . Many health posts had also been put directly into Spam including: Mercola, Greenmedinfo, Chris Kresser, Functional Forum, Dr O’Bryan and on and on.
    Hoping this is a better option for you that you have chosen
    I hope I won’t miss everyone from the TGF group because I take it we are all moving to the Purehealth facebok page xx

    1. Interesting, thanks Lynne. I think there are indeed shenanigans going on with natural medicine sites. Yes, I am hoping people join the FB page instead, which seems to be a bit less erratic FB-wise. We’ll see. I will encourage people to join there and Twitter so we can all still be ‘together’! I initially separated out TGF and Purehealth so as not to confuse people, but to be honest, most people nowadays I advise TGF anyway! I always think a lot of people on PHC don’t know about TGF so by merging I hope we all learn together and people who have no idea about eg. corn issues, might get to know about it and it helps them. Part of my new ‘get the message out there’ sort of strategy!

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