How To Keep Your Electrical Exposure Levels Down

We are all bombarded with electrical impulses, WiFi and the like nowadays. I thought this little list from friend Michelle at was a useful reminder of small things we can all do to keep levels as low as possible in our houses. We can’t do much about masts, 5G and the like, it seems, but we can make our homes as low-level as possible. How many can you count that you do? I was feeling smug until I got to the last one – I do have an electric blanket sometimes, but I never sleep with it on, is that OK?!

ADVICE  by AAA trustee Michelle Berriedale-Johnson:

Use wired connections for your computers, not WiFi. CHECK. DRIVES P MAD TRYING TO FIND WIRED VERSIONS OF EQUIPMENT FOR ME!

Use a wired mouse. CHECK

Ensure WiFi & Bluetooth are always turned off on your computer. CHECK

Ensure your BT/hub is not WiFi enabled even if  you are not using WiFi.  (BT have a tricksy way of setting up your router so it acts as a small hub or way station for  surrounding houses without you knowing about it. CHECK. I USE ETHERNET AND MAKE SURE THE WIFI IS TURNED OFF, DRIVES THE KIDS MAD…

Don’t have a smart meter (you can refuse one.)  It bathes your house in WiFi 24/7. SO FAR MANAGED TO AVOID IT.

Don’t use a hands-free phone – the base station is permanently on & emits radiation 24/7. CHECK

Use a mobile on speaker phone – never to your ear.  Ideally, text instead. CHECK, USE A LANDLINE FOR LONG CALLS AND MESSAGE/TEXT OTHERWISE.

Put your phone on airplane mode except when you’re actually using it. I DO THIS WHEN I REMEMBER!

Use LED, tungsten or halogen lights, not fluorescent. CHECK

Don’t use your mobile as an alarm clock. Use an old-fashioned alarm clock. CHECK

Don’t have a radio alarm in your bedroom. CHECK

Ideally, have no electrical devices in your bedroom, & no electric blanket. OH, HAVE A BLANKET SINCE MOVED FROM CORNWALL; IS COLD HERE!

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