Should You Have A Steroid Injection for Joint Pain?

Interesting piece today for you on the use of steroid injections for joint inflammation eg. knee, shoulder or hip pain. Dr Brownstein used to give them until, as he says, he discovered that they can do more harm than good. He now advocates ozone injections instead and finds they help about 80% of his patients. That is a good rate of success. I have to say most people I speak to who have had a steroid  injection find no lasting – or often even immediate – relief.

Have a read of his blog post on the subject here:

Steroid Injections: Bad Medicine

Of course, then I had to look and see if you could get Ozone injections in the UK. I think not widely available but some of the major cities will do them. Here’s one I found in London and Bedford, for example.

Here is a good article in the Journal of Prolotherapy that explains how chronic pain in joints (and other types) can be related to poor oxygenation of the area, which is why Prolozone Therapy, as it’s called, can help.

Prolozone™ – Regenerating Joints and Eliminating Pain

I’m thinking of trying it for my TMJ (jaw) issues to help it heal. Have any of you had it or know anyone who has?

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