What is SIBO? And What Will Help Me?

Great reminder for you here on SIBO from Dr Murray. I like his simplicity here – digestive enzymes, HCL, berberine and peppermint. It doesn’t have to be too complicated in most cases. We must always remember that SIBO is like the gut imbalance (dysbiosis) in the colon that we talk about all the time – just in the small intestine instead of (or most often as well as) the colon. You treat it very much the same way – re-establish the microbiome and use effective herbals often to discourage the ‘baddies’.

Have a read:

What is SIBO? And What Will Help Me?

And for more, see my more comprehensive SIBO factsheet here in the A-Z, complete with a video showing you how to interpret your results properly and some excellent resources where you’ll find chapter and verse and SIBO testing and treatment.




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