Support Options Updated

support iconJust to let you know that I have updated the Support options for you to a more traditional model of Initial Consultations and Reviews etc. The previous system seemed to be confusing people so I’ve just adopted what most people are used to. The costs are the same per hour etc, it just sounds different!

On demand, I’ve reinstated the popular Test Reports too for people who just want to know what their results mean and what they can do about them, yay!

You can see more info, Q&A, reviews and book Support here.

Meantime, here’s some info for you…

An Initial Consultation includes a chat of up to an hour or so, an email to remind you of our main points, links to stuff to research/read and an approach or protocol for you to consider. Pay on this site first and then book a slot in my diary here. I will then confirm your appointment, send you some new patient forms to complete and get you set up on the clinic practice system. 

Reviews are recommended every 4-6 weeks or as decided between us. We will go through any test results, re-score your symptoms, discuss progress and tweak your protocol as necessary.

For non-patients, you can book a Test Report if you need me to go through your results, explain what they mean and recommend what to do about them. Once paid-for, send me an email and attach the results and a bit of background about why you tested, what you were looking for and a brief bit of case history so I can put them into context. If I need more info, don’t worry; I’ll ask. I will then either email my thoughts to you or suggest we have a chat.

Half-hour Support Time is there for those times you need a chat about stuff, but don’t need a full consultation – or aren’t sure what you need! We can do this by video, phone or email.

General Info..

I’m a generalist at heart so I like dealing with lots of different things. I do an awful lot of adrenal, thyroid, allergy, fatigue and gut work, but have interests in lots of areas. If you’re not sure if I’m the person you need, just email me ( and we’ll chat about whether I think I could help. I usually can, but if not, I may well know someone else who can!

Hope that makes a bit more sense and helps; we’ll see how it goes 🙂

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