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I’ve done a few things test-wise recently so thought I would update you on a few of them.

Adrenal Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) Added

Genova now have an option to add CAR onto the standard and comprehensive Adrenal tests so I’ve listed those for you. This is useful because, in some cases, you can see an adrenal problem developing before it shows in the normal 4 saliva sample scores or find a hidden problem. The CAR essentially is the spike we experience on waking and within the first 30 minutes. If your CAR is below 50%, it shows you are not able to mount a wakening response and there is an adrenal issue, even if it isn’t showing on the main test parameters.

You can see that here in Adrenal and Thyroid Tests.

Mercury Tri-Test

This is now coming through Regenerus as I had to change provider. It is proving to be a really useful test for those who want to confirm if high hair/blood etc mercury levels are actually high fish or amalgam levels (or both) and if treatment is really needed or not. It’s gone up in price I’m afraid so I hope you were one of those who got it at the lower price before the rise!

You can see more on the Tri-Test here. Cursor down to the Mercury bit in the Overview.

Regenerus – prices up and now available in Europe

Good and not so good news here. I get quite a few test types through Regenerus (see the list below). Some of their prices have gone up – for the first time in yonks so we had to expect it 🙁 – but I have also arranged to be able to do many of the tests in Europe now :). Here’s the blurb from the FAQ on ordering:

Can I order tests if I don’t live in the UK?

If you are in Europe, you can order all Genova and Regenerus tests. Regenerus include Doctors Data, Labrix, ALCAT, Cyrex, DUTCH, Functional Diagnostics, GPL and ZRT mainly.) For Genova ones, there is no extra postage for sending the kits to you, so nice bonus! For Regenerus tests, the lab will contact you to ask for payment to send the kit to you (usually around £7.50 for untrackable 3-5 days or £15 for trackable 2-4 days) and for pre-payment of sample returns which varies in price depending on where you are and how quickly the samples need to get back to the UK (usually around £30 or so). I’m sorry I can’t do further afield than Europe because the samples just don’t get back in time.

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