Is Wifi Giving Our Kids Cancer?

That’s a provocative title, but this is an important topic I’ve written about before several times. This is a summary of an article in the Daily Mail (I hate that paper with a vengeance but their health section is very good!). You can read it in full here.

I think if someone like Prof. Miller, with his pedigree, is worried, we should sit up and take action like so many other countries who have banned Wifi in nurseries, schools and other public places.

I personally have wired Ethernet in my house, which has a much more stable connection anyway, is quicker and more secure, let alone a lot safer. It’s a no brainer for me.

One of the world’s top cancer experts states that wifi beamed through Britain’s classrooms – radio waves that send signals between base units and devices, such as iPads & mobile phones – could be as dangerous as ‘tobacco and asbestos.’  

Prof Anthony Miller of Toronto Uni, says wifi should not be allowed in schools.  He was Director of Canada’s National Cancer Institute’s Epidemiology Unit,  and held posts in World Health Organisation (WHO) & German Cancer Research Centre, and is not alone in his concerns. 

He’s the latest top scientist to warn that the waves of electromagnetic radiation which now constantly wash over us – dubbed ‘electro-smog’ may cause a future cancer epidemic & that children are most at risk.  Some nations ban or restrict wifi and mobiles from schools.  But not Britain.

18 years after an inquiry by a former Government Chief Scientist recommended measures to reduce radiation, virtually nothing has been done.  Electro-smog from mobiles, wifi, smart energy meters, baby monitors & other internet-connected products is a billion times stronger than natural electromagnetic fields.  Scandalously little research has been done.  Mobile phones deliver relatively intense doses of radiation to the head.  Swedish research found people exposed to them for 10 years or more are twice as likely to develop a malignant brain tumour on the side of the head where they held their handsets.  This was broadly confirmed by a study, of 13 countries by the WHO’s ‘International Agency for Research on Cancer.’  They concluded in 2011 that electro-smog is a possible cause of human cancer. 

Prof Miller believes new research should cause the Agency to condemn the radiation as a clear carcinogen (cancer-causer.)  Studies linked mobiles with salivary gland cancer and acoustic neuromas – benign auditory nerve tumours that usually cause deafness and balance problems.  Prof Miller & other top scientists say that we are exposed to wifi radiation for long time periods in offices, schools or at home, especially if left on overnight.  It may also be linked to heart failure, male infertility, autism, cognitive impairment & chromosome and DNA damage. 

Children’s developing nervous systems make them vulnerable & their skulls are thinner, so their brains get bigger doses.  More than a million tablets are in use in UK classrooms & campaigners urge schools to hardwire devices instead.   

France has banned wifi from nursery schools and restricted its use in teaching children up to 11.  Cyprus has banned wifi from kindergartens. Israel prohibits it in pre-schools.  Haifa, Israel has hardwired its schools.  Frankfurt hardwired 80% of its schools more than 10 years ago.  Salzburg in Austria wrote to headteachers advising them not to use wifi.  Ghent in Belgium banned wifi in pre-schools and daycare centres.  Local authorities in Spain & Italy removed it from schools .

In 2000, an inquiry headed by Sir William Stewart, former Govt Chief Scientist, recommended ways to reduce exposure.  Tony Blair’s Govt accepted most of its recommendations but failed to implement them.  5 years later Sir William, as chair of National Radiological Protection Board, issued another report urging action, with the same lack of results. 

Public Health England says it “sees no reason wifi should not continue to be used in schools.”   Prof Miller told a conference by Environmental Health Trust that it’s time to take precautionary measures to protect our children. The alternative is to do nothing & hope for the best. That’s what we did with tobacco & asbestos, & we know how that turned out.  He said “We ignore this at our future peril.”  

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  1. Thanks for bringing attention to this, Micki. EMF’s are such an important issue, and the big corps whose profits would take a hit if people knew the truth and acted appropriately are engaging in an extensive campaign of cover up and misinformation. But the truth is there for any who care to make the effort to look for unbiased sources of info. Electronic toys are fun and convenient, but not worth it if their use destroys our health.

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