New Free 21 Day Meditation: Shedding The Weight

Sorry, only just got chance to alert you to this one. Another of my fave Chopra/Winfrey 21 day meditation programmes. It’s on free at the moment and you can get today’s for about 4 days I think before it disappears so get started if this would help you.

Revolutionize the way you look and feel in a lasting way…

Experience more energy, creativity, and light in every facet of your life! Join Oprah & Deepak to embark on an inspirational meditation journey that will last a lifetime, as you discover what truly nourishes your entire being and lift the heaviness that has held you back from being your best self. Experience the freedom that comes from stabilizing physical hunger, alleviating mental unrest, and satisfying spiritual longing.

Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit is one of our most popular 21-Day Meditation Experiences. Join us for free starting March 19th!

Shedding The Weight

Enjoy! Oh and if you want more on weight loss, see my Weight Loss factsheet here.


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