Dental & Mouth Work for Chronic Disease

We all know that teeth, amalgams and oral health are crucial to overall wellbeing, but you must read Foodsmatter Michelle’s detailed account of her recent visit to the Swiss BioHealth Centre in Switzerland for treatment.

They are specialists in oral health and have been doing a lot of work on infections harboured in the mouth, how they impact on how the immune system works (screwy immune system, anyone?!), spread to and from anywhere in the body – and are even linking intractable Lyme disease to hidden Lyme bacteria and co-bacteria in dental pockets! Quite fascinating.

I would dearly love to go through this kind of treatment – if my intolerances and finances were up for it, which they are sadly not! If yours are, though, do have a good read and access this kind of care if you can. I suspect it would pay dividends..

BioHealth, ceramic dental implants – and a treatment for Lyme Disease?….

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