MyDNA Health Test £30 Off!

I have been doing quite a few of the excellent myDNA genetic tests recently and have been mightily impressed with the very useable report you get back with it. I was going to write about it soon, but today see they have it on offer at £30 off from now until the end of January so thought I would mention it now!

You can read all about the test here.

You will find a sample report there too. The report is 47 pages long and set out to make it very easy to see what’s going on in your case. This is what the test is focused on:

Comprehensive Overview

It’s not complex like the 23andMe type of test where you need to process the data, but it gives you simple, well-summarised ideas on what you may need to focus on for current or future health. Take advantage whilst it’s cheaper – maybe a nice gift for a family member who needs it, or for yourself as information to work with in the new year?


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