14 Second Hack To Keep Cortisol Low In Times Of Stress

I rather liked this little tip. It seems if you can recall happy times more in times of stress, your cortisol doesn’t rise as much. Cool! High cortisol is a sign of acute stress and inflammation in the body, it encourages belly fat deposition and upsets your blood sugar regulation for a start so is a no-no for optimum health. When the cortisol remains high for too long – think chronic stress, pain, allergy reactions, infection or inflammation – your adrenals become resistant to it in the end and you slowly slip into adrenal fatigue. (Read more on adrenals here.)

Think of a nice memory. Recall it in real detail, using as many of your senses as you can. Now do that once a day for the next few days to ‘cement’ it in. That way, when you are next feeling anxious or overwhelmed, it will be easier to recall it – and here’s why you should:

Neuroscientists Found a 14-Second Life Hack For Handling Stress

Hope it helps!

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