Titanium and Dental Implants

Two things have come across my desk on this subject this week. First, a person asking for Melisa testing for metals because of forthcoming dental treatment and, second, a story from Michelle at Foodsmatter.com about how having one titanium dental implant has ramped up her electro-sensitivity, sadly.

This is quite an important topic and I need to look into it much more. But, for now, here is Michelle’s salutary tale:

Wensleydale addendum – electromagnetic sensitivity – and dental implants….

And I have listed the Melisa testing (London only, I’m afraid) on the shop for those of you wanting to test. About two-thirds down in the Overview in the toxic/heavy metal tests section.

There are lots of links there for you to do a questionnaire and read a lot more about this whole topic.

I hope that helps and that Michelle recovers quickly!

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