How Healing Creeps Up On You..!

Great video here from the OTC where a lady is describing how she longed for this miracle day when she would suddenly wake up well, but it was entirely different. This matches my own experience, especially the bit where she’s saying healing almost crept up on her – she suddenly realised she hadn’t crashed for a few weeks and wasn’t looking for symptoms any more. That is exactly right.

Even more importantly, she explains how it is a learning process that she got wrong some days and weeks but stopped beating herself up about it and telling herself she would never get well. She understood it for what it was – “that day my body needed to crash for some reason, so I let it”. Excellent. She let go of the fight.

Do have a watch – and keep an eye out for healing. We are quick to notice when we feel rubbish and you’d think we’d notice when we’re not – but it doesn’t seem to be that way!

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