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I mentioned recently in this blog post that I am training in colour analysis currently. Quite a few of you surprised me by saying you had been thinking of training too and asked me what course I am doing. So, here are the details for you about why I’m doing it and where you can too..

For me, it was important to get some training and use it how I wanted to in future, so a franchise type option was out. That’s what most colour training courses are – a brand you tap into. That could be what you want, but I wanted total creative control (as per!).

I am never going to be the dolled-up, perfectly-clothed 1980s type colour analyst caked in make-up and shoulder pads aplenty, you’ll not be surprised to learn! Instead, I see colour as a part of our overall wellbeing and healing strategy.

Why is colour important?

Even though it is something we see every day, we respond to colour at a very deep level. It is light, after all. The coloured light we take in through our eyes can affect the functioning of our hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands for a start – so that is important for our mood, sleep, hormonal health, brain function etc etc – and that’s not even mentioning what we absorb through skin. There is a reason colour therapists use coloured silks and coloured lights. Surely if we applied that theory to what we see and wear on our bodies every day, that’s got to help, hasn’t it?! I’ve more research to do on this obviously but that was enough to get my interest piqued!

I discovered in myself – and have seen in practice with some of you – that we sort of become invisible when we have been ill or ‘simply’ unhappy for whatever reason. We lack self-care or self-love, which is the number one need for wellness and recovery when it really comes down to it. We tend to ‘dull down’ to match our moods, to shrink into the background almost in a bid to reduce any further ‘burden’ we put on others and don’t want to look at or look after ourselves in a conventional sense. That’s not done all that consciously, but on a sub-conscious level. And it’s hardly surprising. Blimey we’re busy enough trying to stay upright half the time and the other half looking after everyone else!

Image result for bright winter colour analysis
Not me: I wish but I do look fab in that colour purple 🙂

I was doing some work on colour healing – the lasers if you recall for helping my mouth sores to heal – and it suddenly struck me how dowdy I now was! I am a Winter colouring in colour analysis parlance which means I am best in pure vibrant hues. I used to wear bright red lipstick, clothes that stood out from my black hair and earrings to die for. I was known for my huge earrings. What the heck was I doing wearing dark and muted clothes all the time, the tiniest earrings you’ve ever seen – and the same outfits every day at that?

Of course, I understood that on one level these clothes were reflecting the inner me and how I felt at the time. It wasn’t wrong in any sense, just a bit of a shock when I realised how ‘not me’ I had become.

Is this making any sense?

Anyway, right then, I made a conscious effort as part of my own healing approach to go against that feeling and dress in colours that would help me not only feel better in myself but speed up my healing. Julie had also told me I had to practice self-care, to make friends with my body again and forgive it for what it had ‘done’ to me. To stop ignoring it and burying my head in the sand. If you are always fighting your body, it will fight back. You have to let go of the fight. Tough but ultimately triggers the start of healing. See the audio CDs she’s done for us on this in the Mind-Body section – they dovetail with the Healing Plan where I talk much more about this fighting and letting go thing.

Off I went then and researched colour psychology, changed the way I dressed according to what I wanted to create or feel like (hopeful rather than hopeless, happy rather than depressed, good digestion rather than poor, balanced immunity rather than raging beast wanting to bite me all the time etc) and decided I was so fascinated in how it made me feel, I would train so I could do that for others.

My confidence has soared (a way to go yet) and I am gradually feeling much more like ‘me’. Plus, I can look in the mirror – read the Healing Plan – the trigger for real turn-around and foods going in was when I managed to look at myself really truly in the mirror one day. I realised I was not that ill person any more – and neither did I want to look like her!

Anyway, even though adding colour analysis to my Purehealth protfolio may look incongrous, you can see it isn’t. I plan to use it as a fun therapy for both myself and the client, but with a serious and powerful benefit behind it: more confidence, better mood, speedier healing; a self-care strategy for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. It is part of the new business shift towards Lifestyle Medicine for a while, more of which anon. The Sparkle Programme mark 2…

So which course…?

Oh yes, I waffled a bit there, didn’t I?! How can you do it then?

image consultant training coursesThe course I chose to do is an online one from Improvability. Just to check how I felt about it and to have a go, I started with the Colour Yourself Fabulous course which is an introduction to becoming a colour analyst and effectively gives you a strategy you could go on and use just from that and be quite successful. Here’s how they describe it:

Colour Yourself Fabulous Mini-Course

A simple, fun, low-cost way to colour analyse yourself and your friends so that you can look and feel absolutely fabulous without having to invest life savings in professional image training with the Colour Yourself Fabulous mini-course.

Of course, knowing me I wanted to find out more! So, I am just completing the main colour course:

Fabulous Colour Analysis

A revolutionary new franchise-free colour analysis training course for both beginners and experienced image consultants. It’s especially for you if you want to be different and stand out from the crowd. You will learn both tonal and seasonal analysis, how colour analysis works for every skin tone and colour on the planet, a step-by-step approach to colour consultations & workshops, and lots more.

I wanted to concentrate on colour for now and maybe do style later if I fancy it so I liked the modular way you can do the course. If you prefer, you can do it all in one go:

Complete Colour & Style Course

The Complete Colour & Style Course contains 4 professional, in-depth training courses – Colour Analysis, Personal Style, Personal Shopping & Wardrobe, and Mindset & Motivation. Included are all the training manuals, all my client handouts, and certification for all 4 courses. A great choice if you want to get started quickly!

Or if you want the whole shebang, Kim also does:

The Ultimate Business Training Programme

This is my flagship program and includes 1-to-1 private coaching and lifetime email support from me plus professional, in-depth training in colour analysis, personal style, personal shopping & wardrobe, mindset & motivation. Training manuals, my client handouts, and certification are all included too. All with 1-to-1 coaching and personal support from me! If you want the absolute best, this is for you.

There are other bits and bobs and they do all the colour supplies (my drapes etc are arriving later this week – how exciting!), but those are the main courses. You also get to belong to a closed Facebook group called In The Pink even from the Colour Yourself Fabulous first course and I have found this really helpful so far.

The courses are well put together. Kim is a right bossy hoot and that makes me laugh. She is kind with it, so don’t worry! The emphasis is very definitely on learning the basics but not having to stick to any rules, which appeals to me.

Anyway, I hope that helps with anyone thinking of colour for their own healing or for doing it for others. See it as a strategy. For me, this training is as much an excuse to work with something positive and joyful for my own continued wellbeing as it is for business. What’s the point in being self-employed if you can’t put a business together that gives you joy as well as others, that’s what I say!

So, anyone fancy coming on this lovely, fun journey with me – I’ll see you in In the Pink!


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  1. Let me know if you find anything that helps with fibromyalgia. Mine has flared up bit time after lying dormant for years. Sigh. And oh dear, I wear a lot of black clothes. What does that say about me?

    1. It depends Anna, black might be a good colour for you style-wise but put some nice bright scarves or jewellery with it. I’ll look up for inflammation/pain. Definitely not red!

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